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From the name itself, support socks are designed to provide support to the wearer as these help in circulation by providing graduated pressure to the lower leg, ankles and feet. By providing pressure, blood is prevented from gathering in the feet and is forced to return to the heart. Good circulation is then maintained and circulation problems such as leg cramps and fatigue avoided.

This kind of socks is initially made for people with circulatory problems. However, these also proved to be beneficial for everyday use of all kinds of people, especially those whose jobs require standing, walking, or running for long periods. Medical practitioners apparently belong to this group of people which is why support socks will also be good for them.

Pulse Store offers support or compression socks to provide care for the feet of doctors and nurses as well. The socks offered are made up of a combination of Lycra and nylon, as these strong fabrics provide significant amounts of pressure. These are designed to provide tightest pressure around the ankles, and decreased around the knees.

The support socks at Pulse Store come in one size which already fits sizes 6-11. These are tested and approved by Dupont to carry the Lycra 3D label and come in different colors as well. You may get a pair of these for only $6.45.